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dream about the dead is how to return a responsibility? dream dictionary under analysis for everybody here.

dream or death fear not dead, not necessarily a bad thing. On the one hand, the dream about unknown or dead bodies, often on behalf of the end of the dead, dead, and the demise of the things that mean you will enter a new stage, to meet new beginning. If the die is a good person or thing, the signal of pain lost; If the dead ugly, represents the bad things disappear. Said from a personal point of view, dream about the dead, also said you have to forget some unpleasant memories, and ready to be out of your bad, meet a new life. At this time is a symbol of death forgotten, overcome, etc. When meeting new lovers, for example, someone will suddenly do this dream, said forget to yourself the painful memories of past lover.

dreamed of his death, suggesting that you will start a new life, or to change, to start a new stage of life. If you dreamed that he killed himself, also indicated that you close & other; Throughout the past I &; Bad, or eliminate the heart of a certain aspect. If dreams die appearance ugly, you finally over one aspect of the pain, or overcomes the drawback of a particular aspect, soul is reborn. Dream about the dead, is the symbol of self transcendence. On the other hand, the dream about the dead, also lost symbol vitality. Dreamed that he knew people dead, for example, might say you feel the dream is losing its vitality, become a zombie. Sometimes communication in the tired, is also likely to have such a dream. Sometimes dream about people suddenly becomes stone, is also one of the means.

dreamed of his dead, worry about lose vitality. When feel heart death, or worry about no longer grow. Or are no fun to feel alive, like & other; The walking dead & throughout; Is alive, the heart like, also dreamed of his dead. Conversely, if the dream about the resurrection of the dead, are suggested and restore the vitality.

dream about the dead there is a kind of meaning, this is the dream really is a kind of warning. Such as death suddenly dreamt that some friends and relatives, and dream about grieving, the result that person really dead, or big bo usually, if the dream is happy, is a good message. If the dream can feel grief, heavy, may be the meaning of warning.

in the west, the freudian view also believe that death dream about relatives and friends and my dream is very sad, is sometimes young hope I don't like when people die, such as hatred, share the love of parents brothers and sisters will hope to each other to die. Therefore, on the one hand, it is a dream, be just at the time the images of the emotion. In fact, may your relationship today already very well. So don't worry, this is just your body function in alleviating the anxiety of childhood. On the other hand, also can be said for others resentment in your heart, the subconscious to revive the hope, childhood and dreamed that he was dead. And then, if the person is your loved ones, your subconscious mind the moral mechanism will exert power at the same time, and his dream man will feel deep sorrow in my dreams.

dream about speaking with the dead, indicate that you want to be famous, or a desire to achieve in the heart, things are going well, will receive the good news.

dreamed of and dead people have dinner together, you will live longer. (from) dream about holding the dead that you good fortune and prosperity.

if the dream feel body smelly, maggots, even more indicated that you will make a fortune. But if the dream about holding the body, the pain Shouting the names of the dead, may have changes and may indicate the dreamer, and even have dangerous life.

if the dream is holding the skeleton, indicate that you may be affected by evil spoken to remind you to beware of deception. Dream about the dead into the home, signal will have good luck, geely rimmon.

dream about dead like when alive, life is happy, laughing, indicate the dreamer may be impacted by the bad in life, you should be careful.

dream cry dead, said to be a setback, things go wrong, desire was blocked.

if the dream about friends and relatives died, predict the dream died will longevity and health of relatives and friends.

dream about stranger's death, forecast turnaround, career or business better, prosperous wealth.

dream lover died, indicated that you are about to get married, happiness of life love. Dream about dead father alive, suggesting that in the family may want to argue, make differences.

dream about dead friend resurrection, suggested that you may encounter difficulties, an embarrassing situation, need help. Dream, to hear the news of an enemy death signal will hand in tolerance and loyal friend.

dream about the dead out of your coffin, suggesting that there will be a long time are not made a surprise visit to contact friends.

dream about late wife, suggest you may marry again, and the other received a good education, could be your right-hand man in his career.

widow dream about deceased husband, suggesting that hearts may not remarry. Dream about dog died, indicated that there may be a loyal friend died or assistant.

dream about their mounts or animals die, predict economic property is likely to suffer.

the original duke of zhou interprets: call the dead, the Lord.

"the duke of zhou interprets" see late husband, a woman of chastity.

"the duke of zhou interprets" dream about the dead is living, the expensive.

"dunhuang dream book" dream about the dead with food, this is accounted for.

"broken dream secretary" dream about the dead drink, sick to the Lord.

the broken dream secretary dreamed that the dead man. Main sad thing to, and not a good omen.

the secretary of broken dream the dream and the dead. Dreams suddenly like the living dead, trillion far the letter to Lord. Dream all silent dead, the main rainy days. Dream scold dead Li auspicious thing. Diet main disease to dream about the dead; Predator with the dead, and accounted for. Point out that the dead dream wedding, bleeding. Dream the dead bones smelly rotten, trillion for profit. Dream the dead state is fierce, who. Dream embrace dead, cry, laugh is fierce. Dream laugher disease in addition to the dead, disease to cry. Dream burned stinking, drought in the main. "A dream about the dead, like the majority. Like a dead person each see in a dream, which is sad thing, not a good omen. Clouding if a dream, but to see the dead, gas into the mouth, body big fierce of trillion.

"dream Lin Xuan solution" dream bleeding dead, Lord revenue.

the broken dream secretary dream out refers to the dead, the Lord has a wedding.

the broken dream secretary the dead bad, get it.

the duke of zhou interprets the dead state, the main big fierce.

the duke of zhou interprets the dead person, the final.

"the duke of zhou interprets" talk to the dead, chief to rise.

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