Women dream about what is bitten by the snake to sign

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women dream about snake bites is what symptom?

women dream about snakes, in the dream he had been bitten by a snake, is auspicious omen, means that there will be good luck, life will be richer.

women dream about snakes, mean, not afraid of disaster will be more luck, rich life, but the dream about in the water was bitten by a snake, was attacked and part of the signal may be a potential area;

women dream about snakes, and then kill the snake and snake after coming back to life, marry will find a ideal object, the married men will have an affair or will have a son;

women dream about snakes, that means you will likely recently violations, the physical assault makes you feel very uncomfortable, perhaps is a kind of disgusting sexual harassment, recently'll think of some way to use intelligence. On the other hand also represent your health problems may occur, to pay more attention to health.

the above is about the women dream about what is bitten by the snake to sign introduction, hope to help you!