Dream about what symptom is bitten by a dog

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dream about bite by a dog is what symptom, dream about what meaning would there be bitten by a dog, here and see it together.

dream about bite by a dog, heralding the recent poor interpersonal relationships, you may be troubles or hate disturb or stab son, have a little to control their emotions, to avoid an argument with people.

dream about being bitten by the rabies, heralding the recent or court in your business life, there will always be a like carry thick stick, put yourself down, always with their own people, let oneself confused helpless.

dream about mouth bite dog, heralding the recent some unfriendly people in your life, get along with people and nature are for peace, but not all people will be friendly, harmonious, so when dealing with them, be prepared to pay attention to the communication means of communication method, no trouble, got into trouble, since for boring.

dream about dog bites his master, heralding the recent you to prevent being cheated, carefully identify the authenticity of a thing, or you will suffer from financial ruin.

Dream about what symptom is bitten by a dog

dream about bite by a dog leg, heralding the recent you will encounter some problems in your life, may have been bad guy countered, hinder the pace of progress, it is recommended that you dare to be innovative, to abandon bad thoughts.

dream by a dog bite fingers, indicates there may be a hinder your career development areas or individual breakthrough of adverse factors, mainly is the external cause, may be others with their feud, may also be other bad things, to grasp the main direction of development, also want more attention to detail, detail decides success or failure often.

Bitten by the dog

dream about bleeding, heralding the recent framed in life will encounter a mean person, you must prepare for.

dream by his dog bite but it didn't hurt, heralding the recent your friends get hurt by you, or friends want to hurt you, may be completely turned against, that relationship will break, and sometimes people quarrel quarrel, is ominous,

dream be dogs biting its mouth, heralding the recent you might because with the differences of the opinions of others to offend others, suggest you at ordinary times should pay attention to, don't drop something, otherwise there will be little against you behind your back.

dream came fierce bite by a dog, heralding the recent difficulties you will face danger or involved in unable to release your breath, is the writing on the wall.

dream about bite by a dog, a scar, suggests that the dreamer because of a bad thing, the damage effect to oneself, to the left a shadow in my mind.

dream is a black and white bitten by a dog, on behalf of the problem associated with right and wrong, black and white means that two kinds of conflicts, and the dog bites you, precisely reflects this conflict give you caused some trouble and damage, especially in the emotional touch, will be more obvious.

the above is about the dream about what symptom is introduced by a dog, I hope it can help you.