What Dream About Socks Means

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Socks Dream Meaning

It would seem that socks are such a small, insignificant image. But the interpretation of socks dreams touches on very important areas.

What is the socks dream meaning according to Miller's dream book?

If you saw socks in a dream - get ready for the fact that soon you will be invited on a trip; if you bought socks in a store - you will be disappointed in a person whom you almost idolized before; putting socks on in a dream - you will be able to save money and finally acquire a very necessary thing for yourself. If, in the process of putting them on, something or someone distracted you all the time, this means your calm course of life will be disrupted due to the activation of ill-wishers.

If at the same time you were also late for the train station, this is a sign that the frivolous actions of others will unsettle you and make you very worried and nervous.

Striped socks in dreams are associated with pleasant relaxation and interesting entertainment. But torn socks, if a woman saw them in a dream, indicate that you will be able to hide information that could serve as a reason for jealousy or suspicion from your husband, lover or other very close person.

Dream interpretation of Vanga: interpretation of dreams about socks

Buying socks can be seen as a symbol of a successful purchase, or a difficult obstacle that you will face in the foreseeable future.

Dirty, holey socks are a warning to you: gambling or the adventurous, extreme activities that you are so keen on are dangerous. You run the risk of being left without what is really important and valuable - without a job, stable income, a family.

For some reason, are you only left in one sock? A serious choice awaits you; perhaps it will be related to your personal life. When making a decision, remember the simple truth - measure seven times, cut ones.

Socks in Islamic dream book

According to Islam interpreters, socks promise an acquaintance with a woman belonging to a different nationality. The appearance of bad-smelling socks in a dream is a reason to think about your behavior, your lifestyle is wrong.

Red socks in a dream speak of material well-being and joy; blue or light blue socks – predict experiences; yellow socks - mean troubles and sadness; black socks portend trouble if in reality you avoid this color, or power and good income if this is one of your favorite colors.

Were the socks new? Financial affairs will level out, and you will be able to get rid of debt and get rich. Old socks full of holes symbolize longing and feelings.

An interesting point: if a woman wears men's socks in a dream, this is a good sign, but if on the contrary, a man is wearing women’s socks, this is a warning that the enemies are plotting something against you.

Why do socks appear in a dream according to Freud's dream book?

The psychoanalyst has an unpretentious interpretation of this image. He considered socks a symbol of a condom. Accordingly, the process of putting on socks is usually seen in dreams by people who prefer protected contacts.

Socks dream meaning: Loff's dream book

The proverb "They meet you judging by your clothes ..." is known to everyone. So in a dream, any detail of a wardrobe reflects the inner world and individuality of a person, is a mirror of self-esteem.

Problems with self-esteem are indicated by ridicule about your socks in a dream - for example, they were full of holes, were from different sets, or too childish. But if the attention of others was attracted by the absence of socks (or one of them), this indicates your vulnerability. After all, when in reality there are flaws in your appearance, do you feel awkward?

Have you received socks as a gift in a dream? If you really needed them, fit you in size, you liked their color, you felt joy when you put them on, this means positive shifts will occur in self-esteem.

If you bought yourself socks for a special occasion (for example, you picked them up to match a suit for a business meeting, for a wedding, etc.), this plot shows that you lack understanding and you need protection.

Interpretation of dreams about socks according to the dream book of Nostradamus

Nostradamus was worried about global events in the world, so he did not attach importance to small images. Socks fall into this category. They are not important in themselves, but the person associated with them, who sold, bought, put them on, took them off, etc.

Remember, was this character poor or rich, healthy or sick? How did he behave, what mood was he in? The answers to these questions are interpreted fairly straightforwardly. For example, a beggar indicates material problems and the loss of a faithful friend; an evil, despotic person – points out a tyrant who will take high post and provoke multiple troubles, etc.

Why do you dream about socks: Tsvetkov's dream book

The general meaning of this image is a long journey, travel. But if a woman dreams that she is buying socks, this reflects her hopes for positive changes in her personal life.

The one who puts on socks in a dream, in reality awaits financial well-being and a profitable union. But if the socks turn out to be full of holes, then the happiness will be short-lived.

Esoteric dream book: socks

New socks symbolize new things, and worn ones – mean old issues that have not been resolved before and require attention now. The more socks there were in a dream, the more minor worries will fall on your shoulders in the near future.

Psychologists about socks in dreams

Socks are associated with something personal, with a relationship in a couple. Dirty and holey socks indicate quarrels and troubles in this area.

If in a pair there are socks of different colors, for example, one white, one black, then there will be no understanding between the partners.

Nice, soft, beautiful socks are a sign of a harmonious, trusting relationship full of love.