What Dream About Society Means

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Society Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of dreams about society? A society seen in a dream can portend many different events. Interpreting this sign, you should start from what kind of society you dreamed about, as well as who you were: a member of it or an outside observer. Only finding out all these details, you will be able to understand what Fate has in store for you, the dream books say.

According to G. Miller's interpretations, to see a company of strangers in a dream is a symbol of the dreamer's social inability. You are intimidated by any crowded event that requires your participation.

If you dreamed of the nudist society, this may mean that you will become the object of ridicule and mocking.

Many bearded men, gathered in one place with common goal symbolize unbridled rage.

And the environment of humorists and jokers in a dream means good health and good mood.

What is the symbolism of a dream about high society? Before you start interpreting, figure out whether you are part of the circle of the "rich and famous" or whether you were banned to enter the secular parties.

What does it mean if you are dreaming that you are a member of the beau monde? This vision prophecies fun, joy, fulfillment of dreams and desires. But if you dreamed that you were the odd one out of this "parade of the rich", this is how your dissatisfaction with what you have is displayed. Think about it if you are doing something wrong.

A mysterious and even gloomy dream in which you see a meeting of a secret society has a completely pleasant interpretation. According to the version of the Esoteric Dream Book, dreaming of а secret organization, be it a gathering of a Masonic order or anassociation of spies, predicts the dreamer's participation in a serious and responsible business. But this is only if you were considered "equal" in this secret organization.

Watching in a dream a gathering of mysteriously minded "citizens" from the outside, eavesdropping on their conversation is a sign that in order to achieve results you need to improve your knowledge in the area in which you are trying to succeed.

Did you dream of some religious gatherings? What does the society of priests, monks and other religious "figures" seen in a dream mean? Pastor D. Loff's dream book will tell you. Seeing yourself in a dream in the company of people who have dedicated their lives to worship is a signal that you lack warmth. You are surrounded by completely pragmatic and mercantile people, with whom there is no point in sharing any sorrows - they will not understand your suffering.

It is good if in a dream you act as the head of a church-religious union. It is a sign that you are able to control your thoughts and emotions.

    If you dreamed of a society that has not yet been mentioned, then take a closer look, maybe among the following "objects of attention" there is one that you saw in a dream. So, if you dreamed about:
  • a company of men - means spending time idly;
  • a group of women - hustle and bustle await you;
  • the Jewish community - making the right choice, you will be able to hit a good jackpot;
  • tramp guys - you should pay attention to your behavior;
  • section of athletes - you are a man of your word, stay that way, and success is guaranteed.