What Dream About Sobbing Means

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Sobbing Dream Meaning

Crying hard in a dream is a symbol or purification and emotional shake. The dreambooks usually predict joy and happiness to the person who was sobbing in a dream.

According to Miller, sobbing in a dream is a warning about coming conflicts. Crying hard can also predict a quarrel with someone close to you. If a young woman saw herself crying in a dream, this symbol predicts problems in personal life. However the psychologist considers it a favorable sign if you hear someone else’s crying. If your acquaintance was sobbing in your dream, there will be a reason to feel happy for this person in real life. If an unknown person cried hard in a dream, this plot can mean receiving good news.

As for Dr. Freud, he associates a dream about sobbing seen by a woman with a favorable time to have a baby. If this dream was seen by a man, this plot is a reflection of his flirtation nature and inclinations to polygamous relations.

If you heard somebody’s sobbing in your native city, you will happen to visit a public event in real life, Vanga thinks. Waking up from sobbing in a dream predicts getting unexpected news.

    The dreambook of the 21st Century explains crying in a dream by its reason:
  • Offences – predicts reconciliation with an old friend or beloved one;
  • Happiness – predicts a sudden situation that will change your life for the better;
  • Without any reason – expecting changes that will come later;
  • Being glad for another person – you will be having a good time.

Some dreambooks associate hard crying in a dream with the person’s moral fatigue and emptiness. If you had a quarrel or harsh misunderstanding with somebody in real life, a dream about sobbing is just a reflection of the situation. The dreambooks recommend analyzing the reason of the conflict; maybe you will change your opinion.

According to modern dream interpreters, people who heard somebody sobbing in a dream will have great luck. The chance to fulfill your plans is very high now.

If a businessman saw many people in tears, this dream predicts unavoidable financial loss. If you saw your mother sobbing in a dream, it is time to think about your life and its goal; you need to revise and correct you life plans.

If a lonely man sees a beautiful young woman crying hard, this plot predicts new acquaintance and perspective to have new stable love relations.

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