What Dream About Skiing Means

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Skiing Dream Meaning

How to understand a dream about skiing? Skiing in a dream is a clear warning. The dream book warns that you will have to fight for your happiness pretty much. But the explanation of this winter fun in dreams is not always so negative. In some cases, this dream promises pleasant events.

What does the 21st Century dreambook say about dreams of skiing? To see in one of your dreams how you are skiing – predicts a coming pleasant meeting with one of the good old friends. Communication with this person will allow you to experience a whole range of pleasant feelings and plunge into nostalgic joyful memories.

If you dreamed that you slide along the track easily and naturally, this means that in reality you will go on a journey. If you dream that you have been skiing for a long time, you will be able to go far enough from home. The 21st century dream book reminds you that, even when you are in relaxed holiday mood, you should not forget about your own safety.

To dream of a group of skiers descending from a mountain means financial stagnation. A dream is a sign that you should not rely on a new business, it is highly likely that it will not bring any tangible profit. If you dream that you are skiing, this means you will decide to participate in a dangerous event in reality. Such a penchant for adventures can do you a bad service and get you into big trouble.

According to Miller, skiing in your dream – shows the need to change the environment. Such changes will allow you to change your life for the better. If you dream of such a plot, do not delay, and finally decide on what you have been planning for so long.

Seeing a broken ski in a dream is a bad sign. Miller's dream book warns that what you are very afraid of losing will be the source of your difficulties.

Skiing down the mountain in a dream means failure. What you had planned for a long time will suddenly get upset. Just don't give up. The dream should not mislead you from your goal and your intended path. If you sincerely believe that what you planned is what you really need, get down to business again.

Having fun on the mountain slopes on rented sports equipment – means the need to enter into difficult conversations with your own child. Miller's dream book recommends not trying to avoid difficult topics, but, on the contrary, finally speak frankly. This will bring understanding and trust in the relationship back.

If you dreamed that you were going down the mountain in the company of your beloved, this is a sign that your relationship will experience a kind of renewal. The dream indicates that your feelings will become brighter, and passion will burn in the heart again, as in the first months of your dating.

Skiing in summer in a dream – predicts bold decisions. If you didn't like doing this sport at all in the summer, then you should postpone the choices and actions, otherwise, they will only provoke a number of difficulties.