What Dream About Sand Means

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Sand Dream Meaning

Sand seen in a dream means the transience and flowing of human life. A grain of sand is a separate life, which is insignificantly small in comparison with the whole Universe. Dreambooks interpret the appearance of such a symbol in night dreams as if you have a philosophical view of life. At this point, you do not want to do anything serious. You just want to watch life from the outside, draw conclusions, analyze.

To dream of yourself wandering on the hot sand means coming of the black strip in your life. Modern dreambook promises losses and problems, which will greatly shake your position further on. If, on the contrary, walking in the sand is a pleasant activity, and it crawls at your feet with a soft carpet - wait for the good guests, having a good time with people you know and love.

Did you dreamed of lying on the sand and sunbathing in the sun? Wanderer’s dreambook promises significant health promotion. In the upcoming life period, you need to carry out all possible recovery activities, they will all be useful.

If you sprinkle sand on an ice track in a dream, this means you will have to play the role of a peacemaker. Universal Dreambook warns that maybe you will reconcile your friends or relatives.

Some dreambooks think that scattering sand around you means you will soon have to lie to people around you. This may not be made on purpose, you may just not understand what people expect from you.

Getting bogged down in the sand - to problems and troubles in the family. Health problems in someone close to you are not excluded, worsening of married life or other troubles are also possible.

If you dreamed that you were buried in the sand, this means you will make a big profit. The dreambook of Shereminskaya is sure that you will earn your own profit. There is also a chance that you will get a lot of money from the inheritance.

The dreamed wet sand means future wealth. If you take the sand with your own hands in a dream, it means that you will earn this wealth through honest labor. If you dream that you walk barefoot on a wet sandy surface – this means you will take a bribe.

Wet sand can also be seen in a dream as a symbol of getting small financial means, which will go purely by chance. Aesop is convinced that building castles of wet sand in night dreams leads to the gradual accumulation of large capital.

If in a dream there is a desert around you and there is no vegetation at all, get ready for the fact that the black stripe can be lasting for a long period.

Wanderer’s dreambook warns that to see a children's sandbox - to great success in the near future. To delve in it in a dream - to an interesting acquaintance. Some interpreters predict character change coming soon.

Jewish dreambook believes that if you dreamed of sand, you should expect important news. Another option to decipher the dream - making a profit, wealth and everything like that.