What Dream About Truck Means

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Truck Dream Meaning

Trucks in a dream, as a rule, reflect and predict events related to professional activities, as well as personify changes in fate. Pay attention to the look of the truck, its accompanying parts, in order to interpret these signs most accurately.

According to the Alphabetic dreambook, a lorry seen in a dream represents strong influence from outside. The image predicts changes for the better and new life stage.

According to the Newest dreambook, seeing a truckload in a dream means you will soon acquire some bulky items. This may be related to the coming relocation you might not have planned yet. The dreambook from A to Z also interprets the image this way – it predicts furniture moving for housewarming; especially if you dreamed that the lorry carried some stuff. By the way, if the dreamer was driving the truck in a dream, it will be his initiative to start the relocation.

If you suddenly received a huge truck as a gift, this dream predicts promotion or welfare increase.

For those who were born from January till April, dreaming about a truck is a prediction of badly paid and ungrateful job. But seeing many lorries in a dream is a symbol of great work load and profit increase, as a result.

If those born from September till December dreamed about empty vehicle body, you should not be upset. It is a good sign promising the growth of profit coming soon. For others it will be a time of pleasant changes and interesting meetings.

If the vehicle was fully loaded, this means the dreamer will be promoted, but only if his date of birth falls in the period from May to August. The financial situation will be strengthened for everyone who saw a truck with a manure trailer. If garbage falls out of the vehicle body – this means gossip behind your back, but it is worth remembering that people always discuss and envy the best.

If you dreamed of riding a truck - this is also a very auspicious omen. The dreamer will withstand the tests of fate with honor and his position will only strengthen after that. For those who work in an institution, riding a truck in a dream portends the move of the office to a new building. To ride as a passenger of a truck, according to the Modern Dream Book, means fate is rapidly carrying you towards happiness, and there will be no obstacles along the way.

It is a good sign if you see yourself as a truck driver in a dream. It means you know how to keep the situation in your hands and how to achieve success.

Depending on how skillfully the person drives the car in a dream and how fast he can drive depends on how quickly the problems that have arisen will be resolved. Driving a truck on a busy highway full of cars is a sign that you are full of anxiety and in a difficult situation you need approval, moral support from others.

According to Freud's dream book, any vehicle in a dream symbolizes masculine strength. If in a dream a man saw himself as a truck driver, drove heavy equipment, he is expected to win on the love front.

If you became a participant of the car accident with a lorry, according to Medea’s dreambook, it is a symbol of bright period in your fate.

If the truck blocked the road – this means flourishing in business. If it sprayed you with water, but your clothes did not get dirty: Smurova's dream book predicts a date with your lover. If the lorry doused you with mud – this is a sign of good news.

A dream where you found a break, but avoided an accident means the following: in the professional field, there will be obstacles that you can overcome easily.

If you dreamed of washing the truck – this means maintaining friendly relations with the boss.

Miller adds variety to the interpretation of a dream analyzing the color of the cargo vehicle. So, a dark lorry speaks of extreme depression, a light truck - about an imminent improvement in well-being, black vehicle reminds of death. Red lorry in a dream warns of danger, blue one embodies the fear of the unknown, green truck portends liberation from hardships, and if you dreamed of a yellow truck, this means you will gain the ability to predict what is coming.

If you were driving your own car and let a rushing large truck through, it means you will be offered a complex and prestigious project, but you will refuse and you will regret it. If you jumped from truck while it was on-the-go, this means you are not able to work in the team.