What Dream About Troubles At Work Means

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Troubles At Work Dream Meaning

What is the symbolism of dreaming about work problems? Seeing your dissatisfied colleagues, experiencing troubles at work in a dream is a double sign. On the one hand, a dream means that you will have to make a number of unforgivable mistakes, on the other hand, you may get a promotion. At the same time, it is very good if you dreamed that the scandal was loud. Popular dream books give conflicting answers, explaining why one dreams about troubles at work.

Miller's dream book warnings.

Psychologists interpret dissatisfaction at the workplace in a dream as the exact opposite of what you had to feel. It turns out that if you dreamed that hard work did not bring any moral benefit or money, it means that in real life your perseverance will be rewarded. The longer the scandal with the boss lasted, the higher the bonus will be offered.

    Psychologists interpret troubles at work in a dream, based on the following details:
  • quarreling with colleagues in a dream - means signing a lucrative contract;
  • to start a scandal with the management - predicts promotion in waking life;
  • getting scolded for an untimely report - promises a bonus;
  • resigning from office - to problems in sexual life.

Don't forget about sexual pleasures.

Freud's dream book indicates sexual impotence if you dreamed that you could not finish your working day and go home. Lack of results, a disgruntled boss indicate major disagreements and misunderstandings with a permanent partner. A dream about work troubles means the extinction of potency and an unwillingness to come to terms with this existing fact.

But why you dream of troubles at work where you have to work physically, Tsvetkov's dream book explains by committing a number of mistakes that will be almost impossible to correct in reality. To see a continuous conveyor belt, to work without a lunch break in a dream – is a symbol of a drawn-out romance that has not brought moral satisfaction for a long time.

Hurry up for cash reward.

Seeing overdue reports or your boss screaming in a dream isn't so bad. Aesop's dream interpretation reduces the interpretation of a dream to receiving a long-awaited prize. It turns out that the management will notice and reward the dreamer in time if he dreamed of worries about late payments, confused numbers and dates in important registers.

Trouble at work in the form of a thrashing/scolding in a dream will bring unthinkable profits in reality. Especially if you had a chance to make excuses, hide and grab your head from your own mistakes. Moreover, the longer and more eloquently you were scolded, the more substantial the financial support will be.

Prepare for a new position.

Nostradamus interprets very positively why you dream of quarrels with colleagues, slander, denunciations. It turns out that the more actively one happens to argue in a dream, the higher the authority of the dreamer in reality is. The troubles at work caused by squabbles on the part of employees of any rank can be explained by coming promotion.

The brighter the dissatisfaction from the partners was, the more profitable the offer from competitors would be. Do not be afraid to sign contracts - they will certainly benefit your project, which will not go unnoticed by the management and sponsors.