What Dream About Tripping Over Means

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Tripping Over Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you stumble in a dream? According to Miller, a dream in which you stumbled over something and fell, warns you: you are somewhat carefree, you need to make an effort to cope with your affairs. You probably belong to the category of people who tend to be too frivolous. You rarely look around, rarely think about your actions a few steps ahead. The dream hints - if you continue behaving this way in the future, you can suffer very seriously through the fault of your short-sightedness and carelessness.

Seeing another person tripping over and falling means that you will be able to benefit from the reckless behavior of other people.

Stumbling over something big and heavy in a dream portends misfortune or receiving the news of death. Tripping over and falling in a dream means that you will fail due to your own sluggishness or inattention.

To trip-up in a dream so that a person falls portends you the bitterness of disappointment. The dream says that the achieved goal will not so much please you as it will upset you.

If you dreamed that you stumbled on the run or on the move, this means you will face serious challenges in real life. If you did not fall, the plot means you will withstand them with honor.

The Family dreambook thinks that if you tripped over and fell in a dream, this promises an unexpected obstacle in business. How to improve the meaning of such dream? Imagine that you go up and continue on your way as if nothing had happened.

Some dream interpreters think that you will make a mistake if you stumbled in a dream.

If a young woman had a dream about how she stumbled and fell, this may mean an inevitable quarrel and parting with a friend. Stumbling and falling on a bridge in a dream represents an obstacle in business.

Tripping over the rug - means a minor incident will greatly scare you.

According to the Big dreambook, if you tripped over in a dream, this means you will apologize to someone.

If you woke up stumbling in a dream - in reality you will be "tripped up", and this threatens you with a sensitive blow. Seeing someone stumbling in a dream means your friends will have difficulties, the Esoteric dreambook thinks.

The Folklore dreambook states that when a horse stumbles in a dream, this is a sign of bad luck.

According to one of the versions, tripping over in a dream, you get a hint - there is high risk for you to commit some reckless (illegal, immoral) act in reality now.

In the interpretation according to the principle of inversion ("changeling"), a dream carries a forecast about a huge luck these coming days.