What Dream About Tribe Means

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Tribe Dream Meaning

In order to understand what the tribe symbolizes in a dream, the dream book suggests invoking your intuition: in a dream there may appear symbols that are understood only by one dreamer. Which is quite natural - we are talking about the most intimate, about the true nature of the sleeping person, the call of nature and basic instincts.

If you dreamed of an alien wild tribe, Miller’s dreambook believes that you have an enemy that is dangerous for his unpredictability. The interpreter explains somewhat differently why one dreams of being a member of tribe. An unusual plot in a dream warns that manifestations of ignorance and obstinacy can interfere with the implementation of your plans.

The Big dream book tells in the most detail what aborigine tribes seen in a dream mean. One has to see such an exotic image during periods of heightened danger, when primitive instincts turn on.

It is possible that a non-standard situation or a new acquaintance will require the dreamer’s atypical behavior. Sometimes a symbol personifies the qualities that a dreamer would like to acquire: fearlessness, emancipation, leadership.

If you happen to see yourself surrounded by a tribe far from civilization, such dream means you will have to publicly defend your interests in modern society, playing by alien rules.

It’s interesting to know why you dream of being caught by a cannibal tribe. Secrets no longer seem to exist. The silly evil person can use the information obtained at his own discretion.

    In the old dreambooks you can find a lot of explanations, why there was a dream about a meeting with tribe members.
  • The People oracle recommends avoiding suspicious acquaintances;
  • In the Moon Dreambook a tribe means danger from inadequate persons;
  • The Old Slavonic dream book reminds that drunken guests can do many troubles;
  • If a wild tribe was seen in the house in a dream, Velesov’s dream book promises a treasure find;
  • Grandmother’s dreambook advises not to rely too much on the achievements of civilization;
  • If you dreamed of a friendly tribe, this means a company not reputable at all will provide a valuable service.

At the same time, almost every dream book says that it is not safe to see wild people even in a dream. Meeting them often means an invisible threat for the dreamer.

Freud's dream book offers a very interesting explanation of why man dreams of a tribe in which he is taken for one of them. Usually in a dream one happens to see himself as a leader, skilful hunter, the one taking women away from strangers and giving mercy to relatives. Such night dreams come to those who are dissatisfied with the real way of life.

If you dreamed about familiar faces among the members of the tribe, such dream means these people will pleasantly surprise you. Seeing yourself as one of them happens when you are ready for change.

If aggressive savages were seen in a dream on the eve of a date, there will be a passionate night of love. A hearty welcome in a dream promises alienation and cold.

When a dreamer is invited to participate in a hunt or ritual dance, but he refuses because of fears to become a laughing stock, in reality uncertainty lack of will to power prevent him from achieving success.

The Psychoanalytic interpretation of dreams will tell you why a woman dreams of meeting with Aborigines. Seen in a dream reflects the desire to be conquered and to love without regard to social norms.

The hostile tribe represents problems with socialization, a craving for autonomy. Friendly savages symbolize erotic fantasies of rape and secret thoughts to cheat on a regular partner.

Often, a tribe seen in a dream testifies to the desire to change one’s lifestyle, environment or social circle. As a rule, savages appear in a dream to those who are morally matured for such a step.