What Dream About Triangle Means

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Triangle Dream Meaning

There are signs that are even interpreted by ignorant people as magical. What is the meaning of triangle in a dream? What information does the subconscious mind try to convey in a dream? Even quite mundane situations associated with the three objects are already cause for concern.

According to an authoritative interpreter Miller, to see a triangle in a dream means weakening previous personal attachment. Miller's dream book indicates an upcoming disagreement with a close friend or a breakdown in a romantic relationship. Whether this means rapprochement with new friends, the predictor is silent.

Why does one dream that the triangle was red? The man is dominated by big ambitions and does not value old partners. The red lines in the woman’s dream indicate that she is confused in her feelings.

    When searching for the correct interpretation, it should be remembered that, according to dream books, in a spiritual sense, a triangle in a dream represents:
  • Inverted - life-giving bosom.
  • Top of the triangle is up - creative beginning.
  • Enclosed in a circle - the dreamer finds harmony in his calling.
  • A circle is inscribed in it - a magical sign of exorcism, mental confusion.
  • The eye in the triangle is the image of the all-seeing eye of higher powers, watching the dreamer.

The love triangle is the drama of someone whose soul is torn between two lovers. What is the interpretation of a dream about such situation if in reality a person is not inclined to betrayal? For a man, a confused love story in a dream reflects the state of affairs; you may have to make a difficult choice.

For a woman to see a love triangle is interpreted as a sign of emotional bifurcation. If you dream of it, this means you have to find an internal balance. Sometimes it’s enough just to leave, relax, look at the problems from the side.

Seeing a drawn triangle portends a conflict with loved ones. Dream Interpretations leave open the reasons for the complication of relations, but if the symbol has already been seen, one must figure out where the wind of alienation is blowing. If you dream of drawing this symbol yourself, this reflects a premonition of jealousy on the part of the partner.

If you stand at the center of the symbol of discord (triangle), then the interpretation of the dream is as follows: the dreamer is on the verge of treason and is unlikely to be able to resist the surging feelings, but you still have to choose one of the two. It will be a difficult choice.

If a person who has seen enough of terrible news on the eve, dreams of a Bermuda triangle, he is not in danger, the dream is not prophetic. It is another matter when some events at Bermuda latitudes suddenly came to your dream - a dream book predicts the loss of people or objects. A criminal incident may occur, loss of distraction, but in any case, you should be especially careful.

Also, the Bermuda phenomenon may indicate some kind of strange game over time, perhaps you will meet with your past, with what it personifies, or with something that will affect the future.