What Dream About Torn Money Means

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Torn Money Dream Meaning

In most cases the dream book sees torn money as a harbinger of disappointment in a business partner, a loved one, in oneself. Such plot reveals hidden inclinations and shortcomings. What you see in a dream about spoiled banknotes characterizes relationships with others.

Miller claims that an attempt to eat torn money indicates excessive greed. Also, possession of such dubious capital is a sign of lack of self-esteem.

Vanga warns against unreasonable expenses, carelessness in relation to property. There is a high probability of unforeseen incidents, such as robbery, which will cause great damage.

If the torn money in a dream belonged to you, you will have to make excuses, be responsible for your actions. It is not excluded that someone is trying to manipulate the dreamer, and wants to make him a hostage of an extremely disadvantageous position in business.

If the spoiled money belonged to another person, the image indicates excessive fear of causing discomfort to someone. If this is a good friend, relative, this is a reflection of a feeling of guilt towards this person.

Torn money has another meaning - a lot of shed tears. Prudence helps to avoid financial trouble.

Dream about torn money reflects not only the situation with the finances, but in your private life as well. The currency, having become unmarketable, promises a bitter disappointment in the new acquaintance, in the seriousness of its intentions.

If you managed to exchange torn banknotes to new ones in a bank, the Gypsy’s dreambook states that you will find a new source of income.