What Dream About Toothless Means

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Toothless Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself without teeth in a dream is not a very pleasant plot, which, however, everyone has experienced at least once in their life. It is usually said that a dream associated with the loss of these body parts predicts illnesses or troubles that await the dreamer's relatives. However, those who are attentive to their dreams know that lost teeth appear in dreams much more often than loved ones get into trouble. In fact, this category of dreams has many more meanings than is commonly believed.

Experts say that most often the teeth really symbolize the dreamer's relatives: the upper row denotes men, and the lower row – represents women of the genus. In this case, the upper canine points to the father, the lower one to the mother, the incisors represent close relatives, and the chewing teeth (molars) represent distant relatives.

    Possible interpretations of a dream about a thinning dentition associated with the dreamer's relatives:
  • taking out your incisors without pain and blood and see an empty jaw: the subconscious mind tells you that your relationship with your family is very uneven, which affects the state of the psyche; it is necessary to resolve conflicts with loved ones, otherwise you risk being left alone.
  • completely healthy teeth fell out in a dream with blood or pain: strong worries are possible due to the loss of a loved one.
  • constantly checking the integrity of the dentition with your tongue is a sign of worrying for a person dear to the dreamer; if in a dream you find that your teeth are really missing, it means that the situation that worries you will get out of control.
  • there is also an explanation to such a dream: a baby in whom the dreamer recognizes himself is seen without teeth - such a plot promises good luck or recovery from a long illness.
  • seeing empty gums after your damaged teeth were removed means you or one of your closest people are at risk of a long-term illness.

    However, not all explanations for a dream in which a person sees himself toothless affect the dreamer's family ties. Many dream plots are harbingers of various events concerning the sleeping person personally:
  • to see several holes from missing teeth – predicts a series of misfortunes, a "black streak" that will soon begin in the dreamer's life.
  • to see your gums completely smooth, like a very old man's – means a very large financial loss.
  • if the teeth were loose, and then fell out – beware of an accident
  • pulling out you teeth with your own hands – means the dreamer runs the risk of making a major mistake, which will be very significant and turn into a real tragedy: a breakdown in relations, devastating losses, etc.
  • studying your mouth, counting teeth knocked out by someone: prepare for the fact that your enemies are about to activate against you.
  • dreaming of any solid product, for example, cabbage, which the dreamer tries to chew with toothless gums: the dream should be interpreted literally – the task you want to take is beyond your strength.

Eastern interpreters attach great importance to who exactly saw himself toothless in a dream - a man or a woman. And this is not surprising because in Muslim countries the male and female worlds are strikingly different from each other, therefore, a dream may not have the same meaning for a woman as for a man.

    Interpretations of seeing someone without teeth in a dream for men:
  • the teeth that have fallen out by themselves portend a long period of poverty and setbacks in personal life;
  • looking at your empty gums in the mirror – predicts victory over competitors.

    The meaning of a dream about being toothless for women:
  • if a young girl saw herself toothless, a dream means scandal with relatives, most likely because of money;
  • a single young woman who sees herself without teeth can count on a successful marriage: her husband will be a good and wealthy person;
  • for a divorced woman, a dream promises the appearance of a former partner, however, now his feelings will be completely friendly.

Dream book of the healer Akulina states that if a young single man has a dream that he has lost his teeth, he will have to experience serious health problems in real life. For a married man, such a dream portends the occurrence of disputes with his wife. He will probably remain the loser, since deep down he will admit that his wife is right. For a divorced or widowed man, a dream about the loss of teeth promises deterioration or even termination of relations with children.

For a young girl to see herself in a dream without teeth is a favorable sign that predicts moving to a permanent place of residence in a more promising region. A lonely woman who dreamed that she had lost all her teeth will face a long period of stability, peace and prosperity, Akulina’s dreambook thinks. But for a married lady, a dream predicts the appearance of a greedy and jealous lover.

When seen on a full moon, a dream means that the sleeper will have to take responsibility for another person in some business. When it is seen on the new moon: the dreamer will soon meet a person who will become his best friend, the Lunar dreambook states.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to your own emotions. If you had a disturbing or unpleasant dream, but you woke up in a good mood, it means that this dream is most likely empty, that is, it will not come true.