What Dream About Toothbrush Means

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Toothbrush Dream Meaning

It should be said that this accessory, dreamed at night, of course, has nothing to do with real hygiene. For example, Miller’s dream book claims that a dream about toothbrush can be seen by the person who very carefully takes care of his teeth in reality.

And if you are really puzzled a lot by the state of your oral cavity, then it is not surprising that you can see toothpaste or a terrible dentist even in night dreams. Such a dream does not require decoding.

In general, toothbrush is considered a symbol of development and wisdom. But only if it is completely new, beautiful and comfortable. Then you will have progress in affairs, study or the relations in reality.

At the same time, Miller’s dream book considers an old toothbrush to be a sign of degradation and stagnation. After such a dream you should certainly reconsider your behavior, affairs and relationships with others.

Another unexpected interpretation of a toothbrush has the opposite meaning. If it was old and dirty, it is a guarantee that the dreamer’s fears are in fact groundless and he is not in danger in reality.

Old toothbrush with a broken handle and disheveled stubble promises minor obstacles to the main goal in the life of the dreamer. If you dreamed that there are several toothbrushes of varying degrees of usage in front of you, then probably both new and old ideas are ripening in your head at the same time.

What it means is you were brushing teeth with a dirty or, even worse, someone else’s toothbrush? The dreambooks assume that such plot is a precursor of some disease.

Choosing new toothbrush for yourself or family members is a symbol of coming sharing. In addition, the process of selecting a new accessory indicates that you really need an assistant in business.

Someone else's toothbrush becomes a sign that in the near future, the dreamer is expected to quarrel with loved ones, as well as have minor disagreements with others.

Besides that, if you are using another person’s toothbrush in a dream, this can be a sign of taking responsibilities or affairs that you can not handle.

Sometimes a dream about your own toothbrush shows that you don’t have peace of mind.

If you saw toothpaste in a dream, it clearly indicates that it is time to visit a dentist.