What Dream About Time Traveling Means

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Time Traveling Dream Meaning

A lot of us travelled in time in our dreams and usually these trips were not on time machines, like in movies. Dreams of this type are often associated with romantic events experienced in the past or with dreams that have not yet been realized in real life.

In general, such dreams reveal our being dissatisfied with our lives and current situation in its different spheres.

Time travels in a dream represent search for truth, of ourselves as personalities. The relations that we can see in our dreams are often the reflection of our relations with people in real life.

Dreams about time travelling are generated by the desire to identify oneself with people of different morals, creating in imagination roles of heroes, noble knights present in life, which delights, although it does not correspond to reality.

People of maybe even mystical images that you meet during time travel dreams are showing in which part of your conscious there are contradictions that worry you in reality.

According to David Loff, traveling through time in a dream represent our wish to find life balance and define where we belong.

If you travelled to the past in your dream, this means that your old romantic wish will come true soon.

If you happened to be in a very far past from our current time, the dreambooks advise remembering whom you insulted hard and ask for forgiveness. This will be a starting point in a new period of your life.

As for Menegetti’s dreambook, it associates time travelling in a dream with transfer from one situation into another that is related with worries and anxiety. For example, this can be the change of environment, i.e. a long-awaited vacation, or inner changes, reevaluating life principles and positions.

The English dreambook thinks that time travelling can be seen by people with wit and honorable mind who suffer from impossibility to influence the course of events.

Such dreams also show that you are not being happy enough. If you travelled to past in a dream, maybe you would have been happier in a simpler time with not such fast flow of events; in general time travelling prove that your mind curious and directed to future.