What Dream About Time Means

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Time Dream Meaning

Time is a mysterious category, which in a dream can be strangely transformed, and such paradoxes seen in dreams are difficult to interpret. Dreambooks, however, offer their interpretations of such plots.

Sometimes a person tries to look into the future, which in a dream is presented as the past. In this case, you should pay attention to specific bindings - by the exact time on the clock, time of day or season.

Dream interpretation of Medea treats the time of day as a perspective in business. A morning dreamed - these are new ideas, day means well-being, twilight means the end of the project, late evening and night – is a sign of failure in business.

The season is treated rather straightforwardly: winter foreshadows a passive inaction in the future, spring - making plans, summer - activity, fall – is a sign that time is approaching to reap the fruits of your efforts.

Just looking at the clock face in a dream, according to Miller’s dreambook, means giving way to the onslaught of competitors.

    Dreams about seeing the exact time by Loff’s dreambook are determined by a specific value. The clock can show different times and well, if the dreamer remembers it.
  • The number 1 - foreshadows a journey: if in a dream a person is not in a hurry, it will be successful.
  • If you dreamed that the clock showed "2 o’clock" – you will have to be in the spotlight. If you had good mood in a dream - people around will admire you, alarming - they will slander.
  • 3 - a dream warning of impending danger.
  • 4 - it is necessary to break with a man who in the past has shown himself not from the best side.
  • 5 - a reminder that it's time to take care of yourself too.
  • 6 - a good deal is possible soon.
  • 7 - you will become jealous, and there will be a reason for this.
  • 8 - success is expected at work: the promotion is not far off.
  • 9 - is a signal that it's time to act.

Time in a dream can stretch or suddenly stop, forcing to live the same events again and again. If you dreamed that a person is traveling by fast transport, hurrying to catch up, this is a warning: in reality, he will have to react extremely quickly to what is happening - and then failures will be replaced by success.

Paradoxes of time in a dream, indiscriminate flickering of events can lead to the fact that the clock will show different time, alternating in random order. The more you can remember what was seen on the clock, the more accurately the dream books will explain what these characters in a dream mean.

What it means if the broken clock shows a different time or stopped? According to Freud's dream book, broken chronometers portend problems with potency for men, clock without a dial is a harbinger of danger. Inaccurate - a symbol of the misty prospects of your undertakings.

Being interested in the time of departure of the train or departure of the aircraft reflects an attempt to find out the date of your departure. Do not try to remember the answer, but hurry to do good in reality.

    To ask time is a symbol of good luck. However, it also matters here what you heard in response, which numbers were voiced.
  • 1 - means that past efforts will bear fruit.
  • 2 - in 20 days you will reconcile with a friend after a long disagreement.
  • 3 - all the dark things that have accumulated in your soul for 3 months will spill over into a scandal on those who happen to be close by. You will immediately feel better, but later you will have to ask forgiveness from everyone who became an unwitting victim of your bad mood.
  • 4 - symbol of a pleasant and long journey.
  • 6 - a sign that an unexpected trip will take place tomorrow. If a man answered, it would be a business trip, a woman – you would take a rest, a child - you would go outdoors.
  • 7 - offers to be patient: there will be a tedious but fruitful physical labor.
  • 9 - dream books say: there comes an event, which will be a surprise for the dreamer.