What Dream About Tiger Means

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Tiger Dream Meaning

Velesov’s dreambook sees a tiger in a dream as an ambiguous sign. On the one hand, the dreamer may have unforeseen difficulties, on the other hand, there is a chance to advance in the service, to meet an important person.

Gustav Miller states that seeing a tiger with a tiger cub in a dream predicts a heap of problems with children, parents, other relatives. There will be period when the solution of other people's issues will take much more time than you wish.

Taming a little tiger, playing with it at your place symbolizes correcting mistakes of the past. A dream means that there will be an opportunity to make peace with those whom you have recently hurt.

If you happen to see several baby-tigers at once, hurry up to take a chance and strengthen your position at home and in society.

If a ferocious tiger was seen in a dream, danger may wait for you anywhere. To see oneself in the role of a victim, to run away from tiger, to hide, means to get involved in an unpleasant situation against your will, to fall under suspicion.

    The dreambooks give short interpretations of the most common dreams about tigers:
  • enraged tigers - hostility of competitors;
  • calm animals - to get acquainted with a reliable person;
  • affectionate - opportunity to show yourself at work;
  • hungry tigers - passionate relationships;
  • tiger cornered in cell - disease.

The majestic leopard can be seen in a dream of people who are completely devoted to work, creativity, are in good standing in the team. To see a huge predator in your apartment means to be ready for the start of a grandiose project.

To see a lynx on your territory means to let your enemies and competitors close. There is a risk of becoming a victim of intrigue, conspiracy, gossip. The Islamic dreambook warns men about treacherous ladies. As for girls, it predicts a successful marriage, acquaintance with a strong, reliable companion of life.

Hugging a wounded tiger in a dream is the same as crashing. Interpretations of the Islamic dreambook are reduced to falling into a knowingly losing situation.

To see a dead tiger at your feet predicts a sudden change of events. Try to respond to innovations quickly in order to gain a foothold in the role of leader for a long period of time.

To save a tiger in the wild means to get a good friend, an ally. In addition, the providence suggests that management values your knowledge and talent and is ready to provide greater authority.

    Vanga gives interpretations of dreams about tiger and its actions:
  • chasing or hunting a tiger - pursue a worthy goal in reality;
  • being afraid of tiger - to establish contacts;
  • to hold it on a leash - leading the department;
  • to fight and win - to be able to defend your position in the dispute.

Besides that Vanga considers that tiger symbolizes creative energy. To see it, to fight with it means to use your talent correctly. A tiger’s bite can be a clue that it's time to act.

According to Freud, to see the representatives of the feline family in your bed, to sleep together, eat from the same dish is a sign of sexual excesses. Sensitivity and excitability of the dreamer will play a cruel joke and lead to unpleasant consequences.

To turn into a striped tiger in a dream means to get rid of the complexes, to fully open up before your partner. Freud's dream interpretation guarantees bold experiments in intimate life. There will be an opportunity to show your best qualities, and most importantly - to meet a person with whom it will be possible to carry out bold fantasies.

To see a member of feline family in the lap of nature while relaxing is a sign of stagnation in thoughts and deeds. But if the head of tiger flock began to growl and rush, get ready for a dramatic change. There will be a lot of work soon. You will be able to establish yourself as an active, hardworking member of the team.

To run, trying to avoid the black mouth of a tiger means the chance to get a prestigious position, to take a place that you have long dreamed of. Career growth is waiting for all those who will show enthusiasm, temperament, and firm character to their bosses in the coming days.