What Dream About Third Eye Means

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Third Eye Dream Meaning

The third eye in a dream symbolizes the strengthening of faith and the awakening of paranormal abilities. In a more mundane sense, it promises prosperity and good luck.

If you dreamed that the third eye opened, Miller’s dreambook considers this a symbol of the awakening of extraordinary talents. If it is closed in a dream, then it is necessary to prepare for a strange event in the distant future.

If you saw yourself with the third eye in a dream, an additional visual organ is a link with the spiritual world. If it opened, dream interpretation predicts increased intuitive sense and spiritual transformation. You can see the third eye as a symbol of pregnancy or the birth of a child.

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Sometimes this image means that you risk destroying what you have created yourself. But more often than such dream signifies the acquisition of wisdom, a teacher, or an assistant.

Seeing another person with the third eye on his forehead, this can be a symbol of grand changes, not necessarily positive ones.

If the person is currently travelling and found a third eye on his face, this is a warning that he can get lost. For other dreamers, the visual organ in the forehead means that you need to increase your own security and show utmost attention.

If the additional eye was angry and filled with hate, this means you are empowered by dark forces. The same plot warns about the collapse of hopes and plans.

Seeing a glass third eye or wall-eye, this means that your actions will be misinterpreted leading to misunderstandings and problems.

If a child has a third eye in your dream, this is a symbol of progress in your endeavor. Sometimes this phenomenon in a child hints that trouble is coming, in comparison with which all problems will seem like trifles.

If you visited an ophthalmologist with such problem, dream interpretation suspects that you are not satisfied with the current situation and are ready to change it by a very dubious method.

    The dreambooks also pay attention to the color of the third eye in a dream:
  • Brown eye – deceit, disloyalty;
  • Blue eye – powerlessness, dreaminess;
  • Gray eye – harm from flattery, mistakes;
  • Yellow eye – bad intentions, dangerous knowledge;
  • Green eye – cheating, passionate love;
  • Bloody eye – disease;
  • Eye with tears – mercy.