What Dream About Thinness Means

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Thinness Dream Meaning

Why does one dream of human thinness? In a dream, it is a warning symbol of illness, disappointment, loss, and poverty. Sometimes seeing skinny person is only a reflection of the fear of losing something important and valuable.

In general, to sees one’s own thinness in a dream - to losses, another person’s - to the benefit of the problems of others.

What is the meaning of your shriveled body seen in a dream? The dream interpretation predicts deterioration in health and current situation. For a woman, this is a symbol of the hostility of people close to her and the danger that immoderate adherence to modern diets carries.

Have you seen a skeletal figure in a dream? Your actions and plans are doomed to failure from the very beginning. If the skinny body takes on magnificent forms right in front of your eyes, then there is a chance to get rich.

Why do you dream of thinness which seems quite beautiful and appropriate to you? Dream Interpretation promise unprecedented success in cupid affairs and increased attention of the opposite sex.

If the girl dreamed that she was a “slender” top model, then she would have to sacrifice something to achieve her plan.

Did you have a chance to see skinny fashion models in a dream? A very strange situation is coming, the way out of which requires sacrifice. Did you dream of a thin homeless dog? Some entertainment will turn into serious trouble.

If you had a dream that my own thinness reached the limit, get ready for disappointment, resentment and other life challenges.

Did your own thinness seem beautiful in a dream? Dream Interpretation replies: you are too self-critical, blindly follow fashion and strive to only harm you.

Why is there a dream that a guy left you because of excessive thinness? The interpretation of a dream is favorable and promises a lot of well-deserved compliments.

For a man to leave a chosen one in a dream for the same reason that she is too skinny is also good. In real life, he will find a common language with a pretty beautiful and cold lady.

What does thinness mean in Miller’s dream book? He is confident that this image can come as a sign of disaster, which will result from the intervention of dark forces.

    The dream interpretation suggests taking into account a number of factors. For example, try to establish the cause of thinness in a dream.
  • From old age – an initially wrong life direction.
  • From the disease – the intervention of outsiders.
  • From malnutrition – evil deeds, thoughts.
  • Only legs were skinny – deterioration of stability.
  • Thin hands – complications in relationships, material losses.
  • Thin face – unwanted events, disappointments.

Did you dream that you absorbed food and dishes in huge quantities, but could not get rid of thinness? You should refuse from the actions taken, they will not bring benefits.

Seeing an extremely thin, but obviously pregnant woman literally means: you will achieve the goal in a relatively short time, but you will have to work hard.

Are you surrounded by terribly thin, scary and even aggressive people? Be sure: in a dream you met with your own vices and base passions.