What Dream About The Same Person Means

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The Same Person Dream Meaning

What does it mean if the same person appears in your dream all the time? People are always present in dreams. This may be a person from the past, our acquaintance from the present and unknown persons. Also in dreams we are visited by deceased relatives and friends. However, dreamers are puzzled by one question: why does one and the same person come into the dream over a long period of time? Sometimes an old acquaintance who has not been seen for many years comes into a dream with enviable persistence! Sometimes in a dream you can see a generally unfamiliar person who appears regularly. What does that mean?

The interpretation of dream meaning of seeing the same person approach has two directions: psychological and esoteric. Psychologists associate dream events with images of reality, and esotericists see in them the contact of the subconscious with the subtle world.

For example, a frequent dream of a person of the opposite sex can warn of an imminent change in your personal life - the creation of a family. Provided that the dreams were positive. A dream vision of a person of the same gender can speak about the appearance of a loyal friend or girlfriend in the near future.

There is also a mystical interpretation of a recurring dream about one and the same person. If a person of the opposite sex regularly comes into your dreams (familiar or unfamiliar to you), you should contact the magician / psychic for diagnosis. The possibility of magical influence is not ruled out.

However, you should not take into account the dream of a person with whom you have a real connection. If you are busy thinking about a subject during the day, the regular appearance of his image in a dream speaks only about one thing: you continue the line of communication that began in the daytime.

If the dreamer feels sympathy for this person, then the plot realizes dreams that are not embodied in reality. Everything is possible in a dream, there are no restrictions and prohibitions. It is through dreams that one can get pleasant sensations from contact with a certain person, inaccessible during wakefulness.

If an acquaintance with whom there is no close connection in reality visits your dreams, this may mean that his subconscious mind seeks to convey something important to you. Esotericists and psychologists advise making an appointment with this person and have a chat.

If a person from the past contacts with whom are lost, regularly visits you in a dream - in this case, the interpretation can be ambiguous. Either the subconscious mind points to unresolved problems from the past when you were in contact with this person; or you need to get rid of past memories and live a real life.

What it means if an unknown person often appears in your dreams? Esoterics advise to try to talk to the stranger in such cases. Such a dream is considered a harbinger of change in life. A benevolent person, present in dreams regularly, can also be a person's guardian spirit.

Unpleasant dreams with a stranger in the lead role can have the following explanation. In the past, you experienced a tragedy or witnessed some tragic events, this person may have also been a witness - but you did not pay attention to him.

    Repeated dreams involving the same person can have different interpretations. You should trust your intuition in interpretation. The direction of interpretation of such dreams may be as follows:
  • you constantly think about him during the day;
  • he constantly thinks about you;
  • you need to sort out the relationship;
  • he has an effect on you;
  • the dream fulfills daytime dreams;
  • the person wants to help you;
  • he needs your help.

    The dreambooks also give short interpretations of such dreams. Depending on when one and the same person is seen in your dreams:
  • when it’s full moon - parting;
  • on church holidays - the negative consequences of an incorrect act;
  • every evening - the desire to get rid of a bad habit;
  • daily - a new friend will appear;
  • every night - problems in your personal life;
  • every morning - a pleasant acquaintance;
  • during menstruation - complications during childbirth;
  • at Christmas - stagnation;
  • when you feel bad - support of loved ones.

    Depending on what this person regularly does in a dream:
  • gets into an accident - a conflict with a stranger;
  • infuriates you - a nervous breakdown;
  • he hurts you - some tragic events;
  • person declares his love to you - meeting with a loved one;
  • calls you to follow him - sad memories;
  • threatens you - a period of failure;
  • kisses you - good news;
  • keeps silent - treason;
  • hugs you - a short romance;
  • follows you around - a profitable offer.

    Depending on who exactly repeatedly comes to your dreams:
  • ex-husband /ex-wife - quarrels in the family;
  • young girl - the beginning of a new stage in life;
  • friend - conflict with him;
  • guy - promotion at work;
  • unknown person - changes in life;
  • a person who has not been seen for 20 years - longing for the past;
  • classmate - meeting with him;
  • a stranger in black clothes - loss of a close relative;
  • a sad person - disappointment.

    Depending on how this person constantly appears in your dreams:
  • in the same dream - to the completion of an important matter;
  • in different situations - new impressions;
  • obsessively - a risk of injury.

    Top-5 negative interpretations of dreams about the same person:
  • A constant dream of a quarrel with a friend portends his betrayal.
  • Quarrel with a stranger - the appearance of a hidden enemy in close environment.
  • If you dreamed that the same person comes into your house, then this is a sign of machinations of ill-wishers.
  • The person is running after a dreamer - conflicts with colleagues.
  • Someone is constantly dying in your dream - the development of a serious illness.

    Top-5 positive interpretations of recurring dreams about the same person:
  • The recurring dream of a stranger who makes you an expensive gift promises wealth.
  • Talking with a dreamer sitting on the seashore - a new love relationship.
  • A fun party with the same person in a dream predicts a joyful event.
  • If a childhood friend is constantly seen in a dream, then this is a sign of good news.
  • The deceased grandmother or grandfather promises family happiness.