What Dream About Uniform Means

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Uniform Dream Meaning

If you are a woman and dreamed that you wore a uniform - it portends you heartfelt joy and an imminent marriage, Avadyayeva’s dreambook states.

A green uniform in a dream is a symbol of fulfilling hopes. Blue or dark blue uniforms in a dream – mean you will have to hit the road. The yellow uniform in a dream is a sign of lies, envy and gossip.

If you dreamed that you sewed a uniform for yourself, this plot means your hard work will be honoured. Buying a ready-made uniform in a dream means reconciliation after a long quarrel. If you try on a uniform in a dream, this portends a profitable work place.

According to Medea’s dreambook, a dream about uniform has a dual meaning. On the one hand, it is a symbol of power, to which the dreamer is ready to submit. On the other hand, it is an indication that he himself is an authoritative person. To buy a uniform in a dream means to be subordinate and dependent on someone. To be wearing a uniform – means changes, improvement.

Grishina’s dreambook states that people dressed in some kind of uniform are brands of the “alarm department in the realm of dreams.” People dressed in a military uniform – symbolize an attack on you from the outside (alarming readiness of the soul), mobilization of mental strength (your capabilities and upcoming unrest). It’s good to see a lot of military men in a dream: they symbolize protecting your life, honour and property. The sentry means joy, the knight on foot is a strong and noble person in your environment, a kind of fear, a keeper. To see the gunner is a sign of hoax. To see recruits - a bad society, the road; losses. To see an officer in a dream means a conflict with people in power. Top officers, generals, etc. — troubles, unrest, and anxiety caused by overestimating oneself.

Do you feel constrained? Is there too much uniformity in your life? The creative process sometimes requires disorder and chaos. Break the order of your life, create confusion in it, Denise Lynn advises.

According to Miller’s dreambook, if you dream of a uniform, you will find powerful friends who will help you achieve what you want. For a girl to see herself in a uniform means that she will be able to tell a man about her feelings, who will understand and accept them, which will lead to passion. If she gets rid of the uniform, then her love of adventure can cause a scandal.

To see people in a strange uniforms means breaking friendship between your government and an influential country. This dream also applies to friends and families. If a friend, putting on his uniform, looks sad or looks like a soldier, then such a dream portends failure and a long separation.

A military uniform seen in a dream often personifies climbing the career ladder. Dream Interpretation predicts success at work, getting a more significant position, increasing responsibility.

Did you have a dream that you are walking in military uniform? This means you will prove yourself as a two-faced person in real life. It is very likely that in reality you are trying not to show you true feelings absolutely anyone and not express your thoughts, fearing a negative reaction. In doing so, remember that insincerity is always felt, moreover, from the very first phrase. This behaviour can push people away from you.

For a woman to see herself in a dream dressed in a military uniform – means getting acquainted with a representative of the stronger sex. The Modern dream book believes that the new acquaintance will be in the civil service. If you are not connected with any obligations, do not miss the chance to improve your personal life.

Seeing yourself trying on military uniforms is a sign of promotion. Especially if you dream that the uniform was new and solid. It will be possible not in a dream, but in reality to achieve high position in society and to implement many of your plans.

If a man dreamed that he was dressed in a military uniform and there wasn’t a single soul around him, this plot means he should show firmness more often in waking life. Most people around, feeling overly soft person, will be tempted to offend and put pressure, even in cases where this is not necessary.

If your son or boyfriend was dressed in a military uniform of an unusual colour, this means trusting relationships will be lost. The dream indicates that it will be difficult, but quite possible to restore the previous relationship. Confidential and always extremely frank conversations about feelings will help.

The Wanderer Dream Interpretation believes that if a dreamed guy was dressed in a military uniform of a certain rank, this means he is a real person of habit. A dream indicates that it is important for such a person to exist in an environment with a minimum of changes. Otherwise, he begins to experience anxiety.

If a mother or father dreams that their son is dressed in a military tunic, then he will have to face true life difficulties. The most necessary things the guy will need in this difficult time will be understanding and unlimited support.

If in a dream you don’t put on your uniform yourself, but some person helped you do this, this means a long road is ahead and the associated feelings and sorrows await you. A man may dream of a lady dressed in military uniform in case that soon he will be absolutely happy in his personal life.