What Dream About Unicorn Means

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Unicorn Dream Meaning

The dreambooks promise incredible luck, success, easiness and joy to the person who had a dream about unicorn. This is one of the most auspicious symbols that you can only dream of. This mythical creature is easily recognizable by the only horn on the forehead.

The majority of dreambooks acknowledged a white unicorn a bright foreteller of luck and happiness. Those people who saw such image can be expecting a gift of fate.

If you not only saw a white unicorn, but saddled it and were riding it, this dream foreshadows long-awaited deliverance from long-standing problem or chronic disease.

If you were riding a unicorn in a dream, Women’s dreambook warns the lucky one that he receives all the current benefits as an advance. Being ungrateful, the dreamer risks angering the higher forces and losing their patronage.

If you dreamed of riding a unicorn, the dream story seen at night can be considered a harbinger of success in business. Some dreambooks believe that the white unicorn personifies the highest spiritual principle, purity and chastity.

Miller’s dreambook recommends not to be upset if something bad happened to the fairy creature in your dream. The plot is a reflection of the real feelings of the sleeper, who in fact sometimes have to feel like a victim of circumstances.

If you dreamed of a news or rumor about this wonderful creature, but you couldn’t see it, Miller’s dreambook is very skeptical. As soon as new circumstances emerge, the dreamer will be forced to admit that he was wrong.

Miller’s dreambook offers interpretation of a dream about black unicorn. Such image seen in a dream means that the person will be betrayed when he expects this less of all.

If you dreamed of a black, pink or any other unicorn of suspiciously bright non-standard colors, a dream can serve as a signal of very real health problems.

There is also another interpretation of a dream about pink unicorn, especially if you were not able to catch it. The dreambooks consider that this is a sign of misplaced priorities. In pursuit of something small or impracticable, the biggest share of resources is lost.

Freud's dream interpretation emphasizes the interpretation on a horn particularly. He associates the horn with cheating. It is highly likely that the partner’s infidelity hurts the sleeper.

If the unicorn was aggressive with the dreamer, this may mean he will search for relations with someone else besides his partner and regret about this in future.