What Dream About Undressing Means

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Undressing Dream Meaning

Undressing in a dream is a common action. Sometimes such a dream is dictated by the projection of reality into night dreams, and sometimes it is a warning that someone may reveal your secret. To understand why the process of taking your clothes off is seen in a dream, dream books recommend considering the image from different angles: what caused the undressing, were there any witnesses to this, as well as where exactly all this happened.

According to Miller, the lady-dreamer who undressed in a dream will commit unseemly acts. And if at the same time the lady was also spinning at the mirror, admiring her own nakedness, then such a vision means deliberately stirring up a scandal around her.

But, a dream plot in which a young girl undresses and realizes with horror that her skin is flabby and wrinkled means gossip and slander that she will come across.

Did you have a dream that you undress before going to bed, while neatly folding clothes in a closet or on a chair? This suggests that you will be able to win over your colleagues, thanks to your own simplicity and openness.

Did you see in a dream that you were undressing in the bathhouse? You should specify what kind of institution it was. If you saw yourself in a public or factory bath, then be prepared for the fact that your frankness can give exactly the opposite results. And if it was a personal bathhouse or sauna, then you can be calm - you should not be afraid to speak frankly.

Seeing in a dream that someone is forcing you to undress is a sign that some rival or ill-wisher will find out some secret about you and will not delay its disclosure.

The Wanderer's dream book offers its interpretation of a dream of getting naked under duress: you are probably someone's debtor. So, this story suggests that the creditor will force you pay off your debts.

If you had a dream how you strip naked in front of a man, this means you are rushing things too quickly, the Eastern dream book predicts. And if, on the contrary, you see that you are getting dressed, the dream also has the opposite meaning - the relationship develops too slowly due to your indecision.

Do you not just undress yourself in front of a man, but also take his clothes off in a dream? According to Longo's dream book: most likely you are experiencing difficulties in life and you are intuitively drawn to someone stronger and more experienced who can help you.

    If you remember where exactly you had to disrobe in a dream, the dreambooks give brief interpretations:
  • a beach, a pool - public shame or the disclosure of secret facts;
  • doctor's office - you should be puzzled by your reputation;
  • fitting room - you do not know yourself what you want;
  • massage room - it's time to relax and trust someone close;
  • gym locker room - do not talk too much, otherwise you will regret it in the future.