What Dream About Violin Means

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Violin Dream Meaning

The dreambook often interprets dreams about violin favorably: the dreamer can expect a prosperous course of affairs, consent in the family. In addition, a violin seen in a dream promises: something will touch the strings of your soul and will find a response in your heart. This musical instrument also symbolizes the memories experienced once again.

To see a violin in a dream or to hear a melody being played means family harmony, peace. In addition, it foreshadows material well-being, wealth. Hearing the sounds of violin in a dream predicts a joyful event. Perhaps it will be a wedding, a long-awaited meeting with friends, the birth of a child. The violin that was seen by sailors is a sign of successful returning home.

A broken violin in a dream is a precursor of separation, loss. Seeing a string being torn is a symbol of coming loneliness.

If the sleeper was tuning the violin, this image indicates: the course of his life depends only on his actions, on properly developed plans and methods for their implementation. Excessive caution will stretch the implementation of plans for a long time.

If a young woman was playing the violin in a dream, she will deserve recognition, worship. When it was an unsuccessful playing she will lose someone's disposal. The vision also warns: a woman wants to achieve something unattainable.

If you were playing the violin in a dream although you can not do it in real life, the dreambooks warn that you should have your own opinion, you should not adapt to others all the time.

Bowing the violin but do not extracting any sounds from it is a sign of coming failure. The endeavor that previously brought a stable income will be paused.

Fake music-making indicates: the dreamer is used to deceiving in order to hide the real state of affairs.

When you dreamed of tuning up this instrument and then playing, this plot promises a happy marriage.

If you saw a person playing a melody on a violin, this means that someone will confess his feelings to you.

A bad playing on this beautiful instrument warns: the dreamer risks becoming an object of laughing for his acquaintances because of its own silliness.