What Dream About Violence Means

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Violence Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about any kind of violence, this literally means that an act you will have to commit soon would seem too low and impermissible in another situation. In general violence in a dream is quite a significant symbol. The dreambooks suspect that you turned to be in a situation when you feel yourself a victim. If you dreamt of especially cruel actions, you are definitely losing life energy and moral strength. The same plot indicates appearance of hostile people in your personal life.

Any kind of violence over the dreamer indicates that he will get into situation that will be quite unpleasant for him. Mostly probable it will be somehow related to distribution of wealth.

Sometimes a night plot about violence over you shows that you are being to prejudiced to other people and put too much pressure on them. If you are often abused in your dream, this shows that you are afraid to become a victim in real life; maybe you have significant reasons to think so. A single episode of violence just warns you about injustice and exploitation.

According to Miller, a dream about violent actions against the dreamer symbolizes some kind of limitation and worrying about future. Seeing violence against others can mean some new insolvable problem that will worsen the situation that is already difficult. Violence with another person means you will put responsibility on someone else and will not suffer in any way.

    If you were personally mocking somebody, be prepared for big changes. Violence involving animals symbolizes some kind of curse and damnation. The kind of violent action will give you better interpretation of the dream:
  • Murder – decay; taking part in a crime;
  • Sexual act – you need to get some rest from your family and work;
  • Fight – inner struggle;
  • Abduction – the situation will be resolved without you;
  • Gangster attack – news about cheating;
  • Moral humiliation – big happiness.

An attempt of violence in a dream pays your attention that somebody is using you without remorse or is going to. A rape attempt means that someone is asking too much from you. An attempt of moral pressure advises you to think about what you are capable of.

A dream about raping of your close friend predicts big troubles for her. It is a bad sign if a young lonely girl sees raping in her dream: this means she can get into situation that will ruin her reputation and honor. If a girl you know was raped in your dream, you will have to face a number of ill-wishers and their intrigues. Sometimes such plot has positive meaning: for a mature woman this can mean achievement of her goal; or it can mean marriage of convenience for a young woman.

A dream about violent actions against a child means that you will have to solve the conflict doing something against your will. The same plot can also symbolize losing self-respect and life energy. Besides that you may be taking someone else’s reality for yours.

If you managed to avoid danger in your dream, this is a promise of revenue growth and having more respect from people. If you barely managed to avoid violence in a dream, this means you will find an unusual way out of a life situation. Running away from a rapist in a dream symbolizes that you literally ruin away from your problems in real life. A violence threat in a dream can mean you will find out someone’s secret and then will feel anxious about it. A real threat to your family in a dream means you will get into submission of a very bad person.