What Dream About Veil Means

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Veil Dream Meaning

The interpretation of a veil seen in a dream depends on various plot details. If in a dream you saw this accessory of the bride, then you should not count on a quick marriage. Dream interpretation promises only positive changes in your personal life. A wealthy or very attractive man can make a tempting offer.

If an unmarried girl dreams of a wedding dress and veil, then she will have to wait a while with the wedding. For a married lady, such a dream means being able to face disappointment, to experience nostalgia, doubt and regret. Aesop's dream interpretation suggests leaving the past as it is and focusing on the present and the future.

A description of what the veil on the head means in dreams is given by the Modern Interpreter. Modern dream book explains the vision with one of your personal qualities: you strive to look perfect from head to toe. But we should not forget about ourselves for the sake of perfectionism. At the same time, the interpreter notes that your self-admiration is paying off. Many of your surroundings admire you.

If you had a chance to put on a veil in a dream, your horizons will have to expand. Perhaps you will have an exciting acquaintance, interesting prospects, a new team. If the dream veil looks attractive, the changes will please you. If you dream of an old or awkward veil, all these events will seem unnecessary hassle.

If in a dream you had a chance to try on a veil that does not belong to you, this plot rather straightforwardly hints that you are not doing your own business or are making too much effort in the struggle for something that you do not really need.

A Modern dreambook is sure that if a woman happened to try on her veil alone, this means she is really alone in real life. The plot indicates the state of the search and the desire, if not to start a family, then at least to join some group of people: a public organization or a club of interests.

Another explanation for a dream of wearing a veil - unexpected news. Dream Interpretation of the Seasons warns that the news can both upset and rejoice you, but in any case will not go unnoticed. The purpose of the plot you see in your dream is to prepare you morally so that the suddenness of what is happening does not take you by surprise.

If a man had to look at himself in a veil in a dream, he needs to reconsider his views. Freud's dream interpretation assumes that you seem to pay importance to the wrong things. What is a trifle for others sometimes turns out to be a real tragedy for you.

What is the meaning of a dream of a white dress and a luxurious veil for a man? Universal dream book advises to pay attention to your social circle. Among your acquaintances there is a person who can be relied on, and an envoy who does not give out his intentions, preferring to act slyly.

The dreamed white veil can symbolize both purity and innocence, as well as a thirst for vanity. Dreambook of Wanderer believes that you love to amaze others with beautiful and noble gestures. Such a dream warns that it is not difficult for an insightful person to see the true motivations of your actions, because they are covered only by a translucent veil.

If the veil seen in the dream was black, then this symbolizes inaccessibility and secrecy behind seals. Most likely, you are afraid of the future or are looking for a solution to a vital issue. A dream can simply once again confirm the saying that someone else's soul is a secret, even if this person is not a stranger to you at all.

By itself, the veil of the bride may not mean anything. A dream can be understood only by looking at the face hidden under the veil. If a beautiful bride was seen, it means everything is in order, it is a good dream. If the dream veil hid a shaggy old woman, a bearded man or any other inappropriate character, be on the lookout, there can be real trouble.

A long veil seen in a dream promises a long period of well-being. At the same time, the Women's Dream Book warns that this period is not the most favorable for changes and advises not to do anything and devote more time to rest.