What Dream About Vegetables Means

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Vegetables Dream Meaning

Dreams about vegetables can be interpreted in various ways. It all depends on the quality of the vegetables, their look and the personal actions of the dreamer. Vegetables most often symbolize some choice, but in general they promise a bit negative events: hard work, losses and worries.

Fruits in a dream have a more positive meaning: love, reward, cognition. If you see a dream about fruits and vegetables together, they reflect the overall result of past actions, the nature of which is determined by the state of the crop. In addition, fruits in a dream symbolize the desires and the possibility of their realization.

If you saw many different vegetables in a dream, they guarantee tears and chagrin on serious reasons.

If you saw a huge basket full of good quality and ripe vegetables, you will have great success without many efforts. It is even a better sign if someone gave you such basket as a gift in a dream. The image promises well-being and prosperity. The dreambook ensures easy childbirth and a healthy baby for a pregnant lady-dreamer.

A dream where you go down to the cellar and see countless vegetable supplies there means that there is a chance that you will be offered to participate in a business that will bring generous dividends. At the same time, the dream book recommends not to forget that the cellar itself in a dream reflects memories, repressed feelings and experiences. To see cans with canned vegetables in the cellar means that something from the past does not let you go, and the current success will be replaced by disappointment soon.

A dream about garden planted with vegetable crops is a symbol of personal emotional state, as well as current affairs and plans for the future. The better and more magnificent the vegetation in the garden, the more successfully things will go.

    The dreambooks remind that dream interpretation should be based on the type of vegetables:
  • Tomatoes – household chores;
  • Cucumbers – love affairs;
  • Carrot – health and welfare;
  • Beetroot – getting rid of worries, joy;
  • Greenery – peculiarities of the way to success;
  • Onion – difficulties in affairs;
  • Cabbage – everything related to money;
  • Pumpkin – miracle, dreams coming true;
  • Potatoes – satisfaction, physical work.

A garden where you were planting vegetables yourself in a dream means you will have a good time doing your everyday chores. Seeing crops in the field in a dream is a much worse sign proving that your partners will let you down. To steal someone else's crop means you will embody your intention contrary to the opinions of others in reality.

Fresh vegetables in a dream may predict health deterioration. If you ate fresh vegetables, the dreambooks advise treating the disease by folk methods. Cooking a dish from fresh vegetables means you will need a lot of patience in order to promote your idea. Young vegetables symbolize the initial stage of projects with unexpected results, the green ones reflect vain expectations, ripe vegetables promise unexpected success.

Rotten vegetables are a symbol of disappointment, bad luck and sorrows. If the vegetables in a dream looked quite normal outside but turned to be rotten inside, this image is a symbol of deceit, set up and betrayal.

If you threw out spoiled vegetables in a dream, the dream Interpretation is sure: you will get rid of problems on your own, although they will bring a lot of worries.

Vegetables with worms mean that you have to experience the perfidy of mean people. Worms in vegetables also warn of unexpected losses.

Carefully choosing vegetables in the store, and then buying them - literally means that you deliberately get problems. Buying vegetables in a dream not even looking at them is a favorable sign promising great luck.

Digging out root vegetables in a dream means that you will have to perform ungrateful and even humiliating work. Planting vegetable seeds is also a bad sign meaning that the endeavor that you started will turn to be a failure.

Cutting vegetables in a dream is a sign of silly quarrels with family members and neighbors. To see sliced pieces or a salad - to confusion and complete chaos in business.

Dream about washing vegetables means you will have to use physical strength soon. Peeling vegetables in a sign of separation. But after that you will have a new and more successful love.

Dream Interpretation believes that you have the ability to influence the world around you and its events if you cooked vegetables in your dream. Seeing boiled vegetables is a sign of protest caused by unacceptable decision of the management. Frying vegetables in a dream means that your actions will bring heartache to someone close to you.

Making canned vegetables means there will be the one who will impress you with his dissimilarity and originality.