What Dream About Vase Means

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Vase Dream Meaning

If someone gave you a crystal flower vase as a gift this dream means that your innermost desire will come true very soon. A dream about a simple glass vase indicates that your relations with your partner are clear and honest; you may be sure about it. A vase with fruits seen in a dream is a promise if an unexpected present from a relative or close friend.

A frosted glass vessel with water represents your finances. If the water was clear and the vase was full – you will have profit; if it was dirty or muddy – this plot predicts financial loss.

If you had a dream that you dropped a crystal vase, but it didn’t break, this means that your family life or love relations will pass a test for strength; but as the vase remained undamaged, everything will end well. A big vase with a big bouquet of flowers predicts welcome guests at your home. Seeing a vase with flowers standing high on a wardrobe or other place is a promise of unexpected honors.

A dream about a broken vase predicts bad news. If you dropped it and it broke down, mostly probable these will be gossip and slander about you. If you saw a chopped vase with candies, your dreams about “sweet life” will be broken because of financial instability. Instead of desponding about it, you should better devote your time to new sources of income.

If you dropped a glass salad bowl with food leftovers, the dream predicts problems with digestive tract. You shouldn’t worry, maybe it will be just indigestion that will pass fast. If you broke an old chopped crystal fruit vase, this plot means that your bosses will evaluate your efforts and professional ambitions. You can be sure you will get approval, financial bonus or even promotion.

A dream about your favorite flower vase falling down and scattering into hundreds of small fragments predicts a number of small chores and troubles that will bring some worries, but will not be serious.

A broken little bowl with jam leftovers symbolizes your losing in dispute or bet. The dreambooks recommend not making any bets now, since you will lose. A dream about an ancient decorated amphora that is left in good condition predicts a joyful party among old friends. A number of bright flower pots in a dream predict you visiting some crowded event or party. The event guarantees you good mood and a lot of positive emotions.

A dream about an iron urn with your relative’s ashes means you will soon visit a meeting with your old school friends or distant relatives.