What Dream About Van Means

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Van Dream Meaning

Buying a car with a van in a dream symbolizes your hiding something from your family. The secret that you are keeping is making your life more difficult. If a van is standing at the same spot and annoys you this dream plot means that some people are disturbing you in reality, you will have a number of problems with them. This can also mean that you are hiding the reason of your dissatisfaction from people close to you. Hiding your feelings for a long time can cause illness.

A closed van symbolizes that you will need what you are absolutely not interested in. If something fell out of the van, this is a warning that you have to secure your property. A van full of vegetables means you will be able to provide your family properly. A van that rolled over warns about problems that you didn’t expect.

If you enjoyed driving a van in your dream, this can symbolize comfort, stability and show that you are being a practical person. Driving into water in a van is a sign that you are ready for emotional relaxation.