What Dream About White Bull Means

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White Bull Dream Meaning

What is the white ox in dream meaning? When interpreting dreams about bulls, the dreambooks recommend paying attention to the image details. For example, a white bull symbolizes the power of the dreamer and luck in all undertakings.

If you saw a well-fed white bull peacefully grazing in the meadow in a dream, you can count on leadership in the team, Miller states. This image predicts attention of the opposite sex if seen by a young man or girl.

It’s bad if the bull you saw in a dream was dead, sick or tired - such an image can mean sadness, disappointment and loss.

    Here are simple interpretations of dreams about white bull:
  • the animal in the dream was calm and peaceful - luck and success.
  • a snow color buffalo, chasing you in a dream is a symbol of happiness;
  • to see dead ox - failure and "chronic" bad luck;
  • a well maintained bull with a beautiful silky fur - to a successful marriage;
  • to see how a white bull covers a cow in a dream - to get acquainted with an influential patron.

If you were running away from a big white bull in a dream, you should remember how the chase started. If you teased him - you should not get involved in any endeavors now. If the bull just didn’t like the way you look, you will be very lucky soon, and all thanks to your own appearance.

If a big bull was chasing or butting you because you scared cows or calves, you should not show aggression towards people who are outwardly weaker than you, both physically and morally; there can be powerful and authoritative people behind their backs.

The Gypsy’s dreambook gives explanation of a dream about single-horn bull: it signifies fame that you will achieve in a very unusual way. A white bull with twisted horns is a promise that a sudden meeting will change your life.

According to Freud, a bull with strong and long horns is a symbol of male potency and sexual power; and if the horns were small, this is a sign of sexual impotence.

A black-and-white bull seen in a dream can alert you about imbalance and unpredictability, Preacher Loff thinks. As for Nostradamus, he gives another explanation of black and white color cattle: he considers it is the personification of the feminine and masculine in one person. Which color prevails, those qualities to a greater degree the dreamer has.

A black-and-white herd of cows or bulls predicts having fun for a long time, Preacher Loff thinks.