What Dream About White Blouse Means

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White Blouse Dream Meaning

A white blouse seen in a dream is a very controversial image and its appearance in a dream can promise both joyful and tragic events in real life.

It is very bad if a white blouse was seen in a dream of a young woman. This means that because of her lightheadedness, she risks losing her beloved one forever.

Seeing an absolutely new blouse in a dream predicts good news and pleasant emotions. Buying a white blouse can be seen in a dream before some holiday or visiting someone’s place.

Another dream interpretation is that the image brings sadness and tears. If a new blouse was seen in a dream, a life test is approaching that will drastically affect the rest of your life.

If you wanted to buy a new blouse, but didn’t do it, this may be considered a good sign. The dreambooks assume that unforeseen circumstances will help avoid misfortunes and troubles.

A white blouse hanging on a hanger means you are currently in the waiting stage when it is better to abandon decisive actions.

If you were choosing a white blouse among the assortment of others in the store or wardrobe, this means you will have to make a difficult choice and will have to sacrifice something.

If you lost a white blouse and couldn’t find it in a dream, you should get ready for accusations and conflicts.

Wearing a nice white blouse is a sign that you will be able to prove your innocence in real life. But if this image was seen by a woman, this symbolizes illness.

Wearing a torn blouse is a sign of bad luck and communication with unpleasant people.

In general wearing white clothes means that the reason for cooling relations is hidden in your own behavior. But taking it off it is always good. You will experience amazing sensations, happiness in bed.

    Your actions with blouse can give you detailed interpretation of the night plot:
  • To lose it means slander, false accusation.
  • Tearing a blouse - unworthy environment, misfortune.
  • Dirtying it - reputation is at risk.
  • Washing - you will find a true friend.
  • To iron - you will have the enemy through your lack of restraint.
  • Pinning a brooch - coquetry, seduction.

If you were sewing a blouse yourself and there were difficulties during the process (e.g. the threads were tearing, the needles were broken), this means you will live a long life. If the sewing was easy and without any problems, this, on the contrary, means that your life path will not be very long.

Patching a very big hole on a white blouse is a sign that you will have to put a lot of efforts in order to keep your current relations.

It is a bad sign to see that a button was torn off the blouse. The plot guarantees the breaking of an important connection due to unforeseen circumstances.

White clothes of non-standard cut always promise the acquisition of new knowledge, impressions, as well as unusual acquaintances and incidents.