What Dream About Waking Up Means

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Waking Up Dream Meaning

Awakening abruptly from fear or some deep experiences - it means to get a warning about the danger. However, sometimes one happens to wake up in a dream, but to remain asleep in reality. Such a dream means readiness for a new life, spiritual growth. Popular dream books, describing dreams of waking up in tears, in an unusual situation, recommend paying attention to the emotions that swept you in a dream.

To see oneself in a dream barely awake is a sign of career and spiritual growth. Professional success is waiting for everyone who dreamed that she found herself on a bed in a juicy situation with a man. It's one thing if you were with your beloved, and quite another thing is to wake up with a stranger.

    The interpreters recommend remembering how you woke up in a dream:
  • In tears – having some happy moments;
  • From fear – unjustified risks;
  • From knock – you will have some news;
  • From laughter – great success;
  • From someone’s look – temptations;
  • In a coffin – recovery, living a long life.

Seeing yourself in a coffin in a dream and immediately waking up is a very good sign. Especially if you dreamed that you were in tears. Dreaming means a qualitatively new round of events. The sick person will quickly get back on his feet, a long illness will disappear in a flash and will never return.

The interpretation of a dream in which you find yourself in a coffin has the exact opposite meaning in almost all dream books of the world. The rapid restoration of vitality, a surge of vitality, a surge of new ideas - exactly what a depressing picture with crosses, a cemetery and other attributes of death means.

If you sleep and you can not wake up, you should take care of your own health and nerves. Some plans will not budge if you have a paralysis of the body in a dream, an inability to move.

If you woke up in water in your dream and it was clear, it is a good sign. On the contrary, dirty, cold swill indicates the beginning of serious disturbances in the body. It is especially bad if you sleep and you can not move in a dream.

Waking up with your beloved or with the man of your dreams - to the fulfillment of desires. In the near future, the dreamer expects to take off the career ladder, if you happen to see that the awakening was happy.

Freud's dream interpretation interprets in its own way awakening with a man whom you barely know. The psychotherapist predicts the beginning of a period of dizzying adventures, secret dates, if you dreamed that you happened to wake up after passionate kisses, or after passionate sex.