What Dream About Waiting Means

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Waiting Dream Meaning

Most often a dream about waiting for something is associated with the aspirations and fears of a sleeping person.

A dream of waiting for the birth of a child foreshadows the lack of harmony in the family and loss of understanding with the spouse for a married young lady. In addition, as Miller states, the future children of the dreamer can be unattractive in appearance. If a virgin girl was expecting a child in her dream, this can be a sign of coming shame or gynecological problems.

Waiting for the labor is a sign of successful delivery for a pregnant woman. A man who is in a state of pregnancy in a dream means a moral readiness to become a father and head of a family.

The interpretation of a dream about waiting for your own death is linked to the temporary disorientation of the dreamer who wants to go beyond the limits of what is permitted and the framework of prejudices set by society. The interpreters also compare the sensations of death waiting in a dream with the forerunner of new, extraordinary events. Some dreambooks consider a plot about waiting for your death a sign that you use to rely on someone else’s opinion.

If the lovers happened to see themselves in the waiting room, then, according to the version of Miss Hasse’s dream book, they should be patient and soon love anguish will begin to dissipate.

The dream of tedious waiting for the train at the station is a hint from the interpreter, calling for decisive action. The dream of waiting for a train indicates excessive vanity and hassle around the dreamer which make it difficult to succeed. Waiting for the bus indicates a premonition of an important meeting, which is of great importance for you. To see that the bus finally came means realization of your plans in reality.

Waiting for the departure of the airplane, while at the airport, speaks of your uncertainty in plans and affairs. To experience anxiety about the upcoming departure, according to the version of the Modern combined dream book, broadcasts about true sexual pleasure or love ecstasy.

Seeing yourself at the airport, waiting for departure and meeting someone, is a kind of sign, saying that you will have to worry for a while for the work that you have planned.

If a young girl was waiting for wedding, this sign says that these expectations will not be fulfilled very soon. For a man, waiting for the wedding foreshadows the hassle associated with the relationship with his chosen one. Waiting for the arrival of spring - to the opportunity to fall in love.

To make a guy, matchmakers, or anyone else wait for you - to the inevitable meeting with a person whom the dreamer doesn’t like. Anticipating a meeting with your loved one - to a romantic date with the character.

Waiting for an explosion at war in a dream indicates the subconscious willingness of the dreamer to have a serious conversation or an important meeting.