What is the meaning of dreaming that I am a thief

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dreaming that I am a thief is good, what's the meaning of ? dreaming that I am a thief have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

ordinary people dreamed that he is a thief, means that the money will come;

dream about thieves, indicate that you recently mood is not so stable finances have ups and downs. But traders dream about thieves, indicated that the business is thriving.

businessman dream about thieves, means that the business will be prosperous;

the period of the young men and women dream about the thief, means that is to love someone.

a man dreamed that found a thief steal something, means that is planning a plan.

dreamed that he became a thief that have money, money will have unexpected harvest.

dream found small secretly, that you may be a plan, step by step closer to a target. In addition, the dream about the thief, also may say you have improper sexual activity.

dreamed he was walking and thieves, indicated that you will be rich.

dreamed that he saw the thief, yelling, that desire to achieve.

dream about thief attacked his, signal to an accident.

dream about being chased by a thief, that there will be a bad thing to happen.

dream about chasing the thief to the bustling bazaars and lose sight, suggests that there might have a dog.

dreamed that the thief on the roof of his own, indicated that can make a fortune.

dream about you is a thief and was chased by the police, indicate your career will be in trouble, you to carry out the social relations, will also be at an impasse.

dreamed you chase or catch a thief, and means that you will eventually in the battle to win the respect of opponents.

dream about someone you know has become a thief, said the subconscious you don't trust that man, although in the life, you may not be homely.

have the thief to his home of burglary, remind you must be careful, recently may have encountered in the house of disaster.

the above is my analysis of dreaming that I am a thief is good, what's the meaning of , hope to help you.