Dream about a long body of earthworms

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Dream about a long body of earthworms, in real estate benefits.

Dream about earthworms hidden in the grass, factories or home accidents or worries, for this worry, worried signs.

People with buildings in hand, if they dream about earthworms drilling in the soil, they should congratulate you, because this represents the property you hold, which will appreciate greatly.

Here is the psychological interpretation of dreaming of earthworms:

Your dreams suggest that you may have physical problems such as skin or muscles.

The earthworm also represents the unclean part of the body. In the dream, the earthworm symbolizes the dreamer's fear of disease and death.

Generally speaking, adult men dream that earthworms may be related to sexual function.

Earthworm = worm, many of which may symbolize spermatozoa; earthworm = seeking guidance, longing for a breakthrough in life, a desire in the heart.

Or you fall in love with someone or hope to fall in love, feel depressed in your heart, and hope to get the response of the opposite sex very much.